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Ok so it wasnt candy or a bomb but...

As most of you know I am in the US Air Force and annually here at FE Warren Air Force base we have what we call Frontiercade. Basically it is an excuse for the entire base to goof off for one day and get paid for it. Any way one of the events at Frontiercade is the Buffalo Chip toss, for those who do not know what a Bufallo Chip is its buffalo poo. The idea is to come up with a unique way to throw buffalo chips the farthest, the most creative and with the most style. So anyway here is a video of my friend here in "Ole Wyo" and his RC plane doing a buffalo chip drop. Good Job Gary aint nothing better than droppng poo from an airplane. Wonder if it is still stained LOL :cool:

What are your unique bomb drops?