brushless conversion

  1. Tug_Flyer

    Return to flight cub

    I wanted to share the mod sequence on my Harbor Cub. Laugh if you want, but have been gunshy about destroying the Sig Seniorita I built as a kid so I have messed around with these harbor freight foamies. After much searching I found the Harbor Cub was originally sold by Hobbico as the Flyzone...
  2. Robyle3

    The revival of a forgotten legend.

    About six months ago now, i was surfing kijiji for any rc planes for sale in my area. I scrolled past about 15 gassers, a few gorgeous balsa gliders (i came SOO close to buying them), and a very tempting offer on a 2000mm electric supercub. But i stopped cold when i chanced upon a used Multiplex...
  3. MtRcAdventures

    The story of the HZ Super Cub

    My first ever plane was a Hobby Zone Super Cub... The original, with A.C.T. My introduction to flight was picking one up at my local Hobby town,(14years ago) spending $2XX something on a brand new ready to fly... The box said "Teach yourself to fly." I was determined to do just that... My buddy...