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I wanted to share the mod sequence on my Harbor Cub. Laugh if you want, but have been gunshy about destroying the Sig Seniorita I built as a kid so I have messed around with these harbor freight foamies. After much searching I found the Harbor Cub was originally sold by Hobbico as the Flyzone Aero Cruiser. With a better manual in hand showing control throws and the CG I set off to add some power and get it to fly. I tried last summer only to have the elevator servo fail at full up just after hand launch. I was able to power through a loop and have it settle into the tall grass of the hay field. I did the walk of shame expecting to find a pile of foam only to walk up on an intact plane with some distress foam around the wing mount. This summer I decided to just go for it only to find this has been a great flyer, way better than I would give it any right to and a lot of fun. It’s the perfect size to just throw in the car and pull over in a field for a flight.

The conversion is to a turnigy L2210A 1650kv 180w motor and a plush 30a esc. The firewall adapter is made of plywood and the original thrust angles were retained as they came in the firewall molding. The battery compartment was modified for a 3s 1000 and I’m getting 12+ minute flights. It’s turning a 7x3.5 gws direct drive prop and 1/2 throttle cruise is perfect. I have the throttle curve limited to 75% in the radio and it will still go vertical. There is a fishing weight for ballast in the firewall adapter. The battery compartment is at the CG so any battery that fits will fly, but it’s very well matched on the 1000.