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build techniques

  1. GingerFly

    Scale foam board building tips

    Hey Y'all, I'm currently building the FT mighty mini corsair (version 2) and am trying to make it look as scale as I can. Do any of y'all have some tips for smoothing seams, filling in gaps, or just adding scale details on foam board builds? I've attached below my build in its current state...
  2. L

    Wooden knife for prepping foam-board joints

    Here is a quick tip that I would like to share after building a couple of Tiny Trainers with my young boys. It was difficult for them to peel the waste foam out of "A" and "B" folds and at the edges of body panels. I had scored the foam-board paper, but it was difficult for them to cut the...
  3. MarioGdV

    Which one is the best way to build a fuselage? Posterboard or Foamboad?

    Hello there! Today I bought a secondhand plane (a Baby Blender with longer wings) because of the price and the electronics. I'm thinking in designing my own RC Plane. It's also a biplane (Polikarpov I-15) and it will have aproximately the same size, so I guess it the motor will handle the...
  4. KarlBormanAZ

    Sharp bends over spar vs. wing ribs

    Has the question ever been asked about the reason for most if not all of the wing builds using foam board utilize the method of creasing and sharp angle bending the foam over the spar as opposed to the use of wing ribs? Other than the obvious answer of simplicity and ease of build, I am at a...