1. AgentC

    FTFC24: Buildruary Build-off Challenge by AgentC

    FTFC24: Build-ruary by AgentC (Build Skill: 2.48 Decent, Pilot SKill: 1.25 Novice) MinimumRC B-25 EZ Bi-Plane (My Own Design) Mighty Mini Fogey (But a Bi-Plane Attempt) Tiny Trainer (old SBK that needs to be made) FT Slow Stick S250 I am still relatively new to the scene, gaining entrance...
  2. Matthewdupreez

    FTFC24: Build-ruary by Matthew aka Bush Hawk RC

    Do i have time to even think about building, heck no. Is that going to stop me from trying ?? NEVER !!!! let the challenge begin FTFC24: Build-ruary by Matthew aka Bush Hawk rc (Build Skill: 4 Skilled, Pilot SKill: 4-5 depending on the day) #1 13th squadron MXS...
  3. Taildragger

    FTFC23: Build-ruary by Taildragger

    Build-ruary Build Log by Taildragger Table of contents: Piper PA-16 Kitfox STi (FireFox) Magnus FusionUL Rans S-7 Trainer
  4. FoamyDM

    FTFC23: Buildruary Build-off Challenge

    February is FT-Build-Ruary Month! Hi All, Lets welcome another flying season, ready to go! Once Again, I challenge all here to turn February into FT-Build-Ruary So Many Planes So Little Time: I, like most folk in this community, have a LONG build list of planes I would LOVE to build. Since I...
  5. bwarz

    FTFC22: Build-ruary by bwarz

    Build skill level: 3.5 Piloting skill level: 2 My choices (well, mostly committed - note #3) for this Feb's build sprint. To be building (hopefully:ROFLMAO:): 1. FT Sea Duck 2. @localfiend (no longer on the board?) A6M Zero mini 3. TBD (possibly FT Mini DR1 or FT Mini P51 Mustang??) 4. My...
  6. FoamyDM

    FTFC20 - Build-ruary Challenge by FoamyDM

    1) FTFC20: Build-ruary by @FoamyDM (Build Skill: 4 Skilled, Pilot Skill: 3 Amatuer) 1. FT - Arrow 2. Mehve 3. FT-P-38 Master Series 4. FT-Corsair Master Series
  7. DutchRoll

    FTFC20-Build-Ruary: Main Entry by DutchRoll

    Build Skill: 2, Pilot Skill: 0.75 (Crashed 8 times, max distance 3/4 of a circuit, no landings) FT-Mini Tiny Trainer - Cause my Simple Soarer died before it even lived. Build Photos FT-Mini Corsair - I want a warbird, and I need practice with round fuselages Build Photos FT-Bloody Wonder -...