1. DJSomm1

    40” Wittman Tailwind

    The simple lines of the Wittman Tailwind are nicely suited to FT build methods. But talk is cheap. It’s time to cut foam. The faint lines of the cuts (needle cutter details here) should give you an idea of just how simple the aircraft is.
  2. mastermalpass

    FTFC Builduary 23 by Mastermalpass

    I've always sat this challenge out because 4 planes in a month has always felt a bit beyond me. I still kinda think it is, but I've got many a spare part to use up and I'm getting bored of flying the same four planes over and over. For my entry I shall be doing: Dassault Mirage 2000C...
  3. Ligbaer

    FTFC Builduary 23 -ligbaer

    I’ll edit this post when I have something meaningful to say List -Random trainer I have templates for -FB Super 60. -Dominator wing -widgeon (either same one from last year or Hotwire cut design) Last one is subject to change depending on how I feel at the last week