1. Scooter The White Rabbit

    Help! C-130 semi-scratch build near GP specs?

    I've built the FT Guinea Pig, and a scratch Sky-Van(?) I call a "Sky-Truck". But now is the wait to paint, power packs, batteries, radio gear, etc... I normally cut my Hot Pockets just after I cook them with a large chefs knife, just because I get kinda even bites. Hey, wait, wrong forum...
  2. Aviator08

    C-17, C-130, and other "Heavy" aircraft

    Has anyone been working on Commercial, Military Jets or other " heavies"? I just saw a picture on one of the articles that showed an airliner in progress. I have been working on a C-17 for a co-worker whose son just got assigned to one. Wingspan is 58" , length is 62" Have Fun and...
  3. M

    C-130 4 motor Foamie

    I just ordered the cruiser and I'm really excited to get building this weekend. I also just wanted to share this C-130 my brother built. The plans are available over at http://www.buildafoamie.com.http://www.buildafoamie.com I think you guys should do something similar in a swappable speed build...