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  1. D

    Sim Cable for FS-i6

    Hi i'm 15 years old and I've just gone broke after buying an Eachine Wizard X220 and VR007 Pro goggles and i'm currently trying to save for a simulator cable that works with an FS-i6, I've found this one on Banggood but cant afford it as of now...
  2. randyrls

    Mavic and Samsung USB cable??

    I have a Samsung S4 phone and a Samsung Tab3 tablet I want to use with a DJI Mavic. I want to get a short right angle USB cable for the phone and tablet, but none of the cables I have tried will display video image on the Samsung screen, only the genuine Samsung cables work properly and...
  3. Z

    Help! Fs-T6 not working with pc

    Hi all, Im having trouble getting my fs-t6 to connect to my pc. I bought this cable, I hook it up to my pc and in device manager it shows up as ppm, but in the "set up a usb controller" section I cant get any data to show up from my sticks. Its the same in all the sims, It just doesn't pick up...