Mavic and Samsung USB cable??


I have a Samsung S4 phone and a Samsung Tab3 tablet I want to use with a DJI Mavic.

I want to get a short right angle USB cable for the phone and tablet, but none of the cables I have tried will display video image on the Samsung screen, only the genuine Samsung cables work properly and display the camera video on the screen.

Some that I got were advertised as Samsung OEM, but they were not and didn't display video on the device.

Does anyone know of where working cables can be found?? I tried searching samsung, but thy just want to sell high profit items.

I am hot happy with cables that don't work!!!

Many thanks if you can point me in the right direction.


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It sounds like you are only getting a "charge" cable. You need to make sure it specifies a "data" cable in the description. I believe the charge cables do not have all the wires inside like a data cable, but I could be wrong. ;)

I Googled searched this "samsung data usb cable right angle" and found some good options on Amazon. You could add your length to the search and find shorter cables.


You are correct. It appears that many or most of the cables are not compliant with the standard. I did find one with right angle connectors that should work....



Yes; There was but it is far too short to attach my Samsung Tab-3 10" tablet. I got a tablet mount for the mavic. it works well.
So I ordered this cable from Amazon because one of the feedback comments mentions it works with the Samsung and a Mavic.
It should be here in a few days.

Thanks to bridgeInspector for suggesting this!
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Posting Solution! I found the solution to my video issue. It appears that the tablet mount was to blame ??? The hole in the mount is tapered and it allowed the cable to go in, but not make a complete connection. I found this out by plugging the cable directly into my Samsung tablet without the tablet mount. I enlarged the hole in the tablet mount and all is good!