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  1. G

    Setting Up Crow Braking on FlySky-i6/GoolRC (Feat. Calypso Glider)

    Hello all! For the longest time, I've always wanted to set up crow braking for a glider. It just seemed so cool to take a simple 5 channel setup and do all sorts of cool things with lit, flaperons, spoilerons, drag rudders, and crow braking. Last Christmas, I received a brand new glider: The...
  2. S

    flaperons w/ fs-i6

    Hello, just bought FlySky i6 and was wondering how to use it to get flaperons with a flyzone calypso. Tried numerous YT videos, no success yet. Any help?
  3. rryyyaannn

    Calypso Glider Video

    Hey everyone, New to the forum but have been learning a ton from the Flite Test crew for the past few months. Just wanted to share a video from my Calypso Glider. I'm loving this plane. Footage was captured with my Mobius Actioncam. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHyEzx1ZVl0
  4. paytonc11

    Flyzone Calypso or Parkzone Radian Pro

    I am having trouble deciding between the Parkzone Radian Pro and the Flyzone Calypso. I want ailerons on the glider so that's the reason I'm going for these two. For anyone that has flown or has any information please let me know how you feel on these two gliders! Thanks! Payton
  5. IamNabil

    Voltage and performance

    Hi there. I was flying my Calypso this weekend, and ran into an interesting phenomena. The lipo I was using was a new 1300 mah 3s, it came with the plane, and was fully charged when I put it in the plane. I flew for quite a while, and suddenly noticed that when I gave it throttle, the propeller...
  6. IamNabil

    Flyzone Calypso

    So, in the other thread, thoughts on the radian vs the bixler I spoke about not knowing what to get, and trying to find something interesting to fly before this weekend, which is forecast to be the nicest weekend this summer. I called every shop within three hundred miles, and not a single one...