camera mount

  1. Oldbrass

    Made an FPV camera mount!

    So... Yah! I made an FPV camera mount for my planes. There are a couple of different bits to adjust the height for various aircraft. I made it in Tinkercad and printed mine in PETG on an Ender 3. I hope it's useful to some of you! Cheers!
  2. bracesport

    Part Cyclops V3 camera mount. v1

    this set of files includes the main camera housing in two pieces and two different height mounts.
  3. KMechie

    FT Gremlin - modifications to the FT Crew's stock frames

    Has anyone done any special modifications to the existing FliteTest frames? I've seen people designing their own frames from scratch, but not much in terms of using the existing FT designs and printing custom mounts / landing struts and whatnot. The Gremlins are still fairly young, so I'm sure...
  4. S

    Hyperion Mini Airplane Tail Mount I made this after the Mig-3 video. It slides over the tail fin and is friction fitted so there is no direct need to glue or tap it to the plane. So far I have done 10 flights and have had one bad crash. The mount has stayed in place. For the battery...
  5. C

    Camera mounting techniques and camera angles for FPV camera and Go Pro, Mobius etc

    The short story about how to mount cameras: To make a long story short a few general principles of mounting cameras that i learned from FPVing most of the 9 planes and 2 quads i got: 1. Mount the FPV camera forward and looking down a bit (gives you a much more enjoyable FPV experiance on...
  6. I

    Gyro stabilized pan/tilt camera mount?

    Not sure if this is the best topic for this question, but seems appropriate. (Mounted on a multi-rotor, a tri-copter in my case) Does anybody have any experience with a gyro stabilized pan/tilt camera system? If so, was it a pain to set up? Are you happy with the results? Can you share any...