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FT Gremlin - modifications to the FT Crew's stock frames

Has anyone done any special modifications to the existing FliteTest frames? I've seen people designing their own frames from scratch, but not much in terms of using the existing FT designs and printing custom mounts / landing struts and whatnot.
The Gremlins are still fairly young, so I'm sure those parts will come with time.

I designed a part to replace TJ's upper frame to fit my camera and oversized receiver that I used in order to have telemetry: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2365646
Any constructive feedback is appreciated!


Got Lobstah?
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I'm going at this two ways. First, I want to fly these little buggars like yesterday. But I'm not there yet. Gotta get the guts working to go along with the structure. Secondly I want to do some scratch work and then go from there taking advantage of whichever to suit my preferences.