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  1. Zephyr1

    FTFC19 Messerschmitt P.1110 "Ente" designed by Zephyr1

    So, with winter break almost upon me, and with a lengthened design cut off date, I'm going to be adding an additional aircraft to this challenged. It classifies under the fantasy moniker as it was drawn up but never built in any capacity. One of the things I learned with last years challenge, is...
  2. P

    Finding CG for Canard Design

    Is there a simple way to find the CG for a canard type design (think Ainsley Peace Drone) I read a comment that said halfway between the centre points for the front and rear wings? ???
  3. Centus

    Swappable "Blackwing"

    Here is a test flight video of a new swappable design that I've been working on, called "Blackwing". I used SPONZ's Bloody Wonder mk3 fuselage and wing design (with some small modifications) and designed a new tail and canard. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/3akYgRvUbzI
  4. B

    Forward swept, Canard, Pusher...Raiden

    Hello Friends. I've been working on a new project. I think I've stumbled on to one of those happy accidents. She's a Forward swept pusher with canards. I built her from DTFB in Flitetest Fashion. I'm sure you could adapt the plans to your building techniques. I used a Sunny Sky X2212-9 1400KV...
  5. D


    I'm brand new to RC flying but have loved the Canard aircraft for years. I would love to see a Canard that could be used as a trainer with fixed Canard wing and a large battery payload for long flights, then, later upgraded to use a movable/working Canard wing.