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  1. P

    Finding CG for Canard Design

    Is there a simple way to find the CG for a canard type design (think Ainsley Peace Drone) I read a comment that said halfway between the centre points for the front and rear wings? ???
  2. Centus

    Swappable "Blackwing"

    Here is a test flight video of a new swappable design that I've been working on, called "Blackwing". I used SPONZ's Bloody Wonder mk3 fuselage and wing design (with some small modifications) and designed a new tail and canard. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/3akYgRvUbzI
  3. B

    Forward swept, Canard, Pusher...Raiden

    Hello Friends. I've been working on a new project. I think I've stumbled on to one of those happy accidents. She's a Forward swept pusher with canards. I built her from DTFB in Flitetest Fashion. I'm sure you could adapt the plans to your building techniques. I used a Sunny Sky X2212-9 1400KV...
  4. D


    I'm brand new to RC flying but have loved the Canard aircraft for years. I would love to see a Canard that could be used as a trainer with fixed Canard wing and a large battery payload for long flights, then, later upgraded to use a movable/working Canard wing.