Different Types of Canards

L Edge

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Almost anything will fly, so I decided to build the LARGEST CANARD that would fit in my Scion. I calculated the CG, but it was trial and error for awhile. It totally flops around in the sky as well as can do a loop(needs to fly into the wind). Still sits in the boneyard after all the years. Wife named it Daffy.

Years ago, I found research in spin tunnels that canards can be used as elevons. So worked one set on F-22 and reduced takeoff, made it snappier and higher alpha landings. Built the FT Viggen and moved the EDF back slightly and then the elevon canards I added were set at zero and made it very snappy.

Forward Swept Canard
It flew for awhile, (Stop it at 0:01 sec to see setup) where it has fixed rudder, ailerons in the back and a canard in front. Used triangle method to stiffen the front.

Decided to go for it and make this wild canard called the trickster.
1) Had set of elevons
2) Added 2 motors that move in elevon fashion with differential thrust for rudder.
3) Added third set of elevons up front acting as a canard.

All controlled by 3 position flight mode switch. Took a flight to get trims properly setup using pots and sliders as well as elevon trims.
Plane lasted a total of 9 flights. At a top of a tight loop, kicked in hard rudder, down elevator and rolled it. It snapped in half and the Ground God's accepted it. Being super fast, had to pulse the controls only and it responded in some wild gyrations.