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carbon fibre

  1. D

    Need choosing flight replacement stack for 90mm self built Quad

    Hi, I built the Quad bellow but I need a new flight stack for it, the one I have is running 20A ESC but and keeps crashing (i mean the software locking up not my flying!) It was cheap and as I can now tell nasty. The quad is 90mm, weights about 150 grams, I looking to run 3s batteries and...
  2. M

    Carbon Fiber wings

    Hey guys, I'm just new around here and I have never actually built a plane before. Today I got to watching some of the videos on the DIY foamies from FT and Experimental Airlines (The Armin wing). I am learning a lot about how models are built, and it doesn't look nearly as intimidating anymore...
  3. mmeyer

    New quad problems

    As many of you probably saw i had another thread about my new CF quad with a unique clean plate design here. I took it out for its first flight two days ago and was quite bummed to find it was flying awfully. My first thought that this was due to incorrect pids or some very serious vibration...
  4. B

    Carbon fibre pushrods - help please.

    I'm building the hobby King Fidget http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__36753__HobbyKing_Fidget_Funfly_Aerobatic_EPP_Airplane_w_Motor_840mm_ARF_.html. The pushrods are carbon fibre. Two pre-z-bent servo connectors with a straight carbon rod between them, then 2 pieces of heatshrink...