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New quad problems


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As many of you probably saw i had another thread about my new CF quad with a unique clean plate design here. I took it out for its first flight two days ago and was quite bummed to find it was flying awfully. My first thought that this was due to incorrect pids or some very serious vibration issues. I fiddled with the pids and took it out for another flight. Unfortunately just after take off the two motors shut off for no reason and the quad fell to the ground from about 2 metres. I have no clue why they shut off because they worked perfectly after i power cycled it. It wasn't a bad crash by any stretch of the imagination but the rubber o-rings holding the clean plate broke. I realised that any small crash was going to have this effect and i'm beginning to think that maybe this design is not as good as i might have hoped. So two questions.
1. Should i give up on this design and just change the quad that i have till it works nicely. This would be a real shame as i have put lots of effort into it and i would really like to go further with this design. I just don't want to be replacing o-rings every single time i go down for a tiny crash that would have otherwise had no effect.
2. What could i use instead of the rubber o-rings that may be more durable?


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
I'll just cut and paste from another thread, in case you may not have seen it.

After trying MANY methods for reducing jello and/or lowering general vibrations over the two years, I have given in to simple silicone/rubber bearings. For the inexpensive price, light weight, ease of installation, and success, there's nothing that comes close.

Be careful buying them. The price can vary wildly. Also, their size can vary, and many times the info doesn't state the size.

The ones I link to above are for 12-13mm plate separation. While these, for example, from HK, are for 10-11mm separation. I'm using both in my CyberQuad mini, if you want to see them incorporated in a design.

Good luck. You'll be back in the saddle in no time.


Some guy in the desert
I mentioned silicone in your previous thread. Get some silicone hose and cut rings off of it. Should cost next to nothing to try.


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I think i will give it a go jhitesma. The other issue with my design is ease of build. It is such a b*%$# to put together and repairing is very fiddly. I too have thought that i should just give into the silicone/rubber bearings as it would be a much easier build and i don't know if you gain any more vibration dampening by using my design.