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carbon z cub

  1. OutaTime FPV

    Vendors at Flite Fest '16

    Hey everyone, Was wondering if anyone knows what vendors are going to be at Flite Fest. I have really wanted to buy a Carbon Z Cub and I was wondering if Horizon Hobby would be there so I could buy one. I would buy one now but can't bring it with me on a plane! Thanks!
  2. OutaTime FPV

    What Motor Should I Use?

    Hello! I am currently working on a scratchbuilt 195% Bushwacker/Carbon Z Cub with an 85in wingspan. I'm having trouble figuring out what motor I should put in it. I know I should probably put the E Flite motor that is in the standard Carbon Z Cub, but I dont want to spend $85 on it. I'm looking...
  3. RickC

    carbon z cub from jetski

    First day flying my CZC on floats, oh yeah i'm on the back of the jetski