carbon z cub

  1. Grover54

    Carbon Z Cub - Wanted!

    My Carbon Z went to "Z" heaven a few weeks ago and I'd really like to replace it but as you Carbon "Z" pilots know it's been discontinued :( Regardless, I'd really like to find one so if anyone out the has one in good condition and you want to sell it please let me know. The only caveat is...
  2. Liam B

    Vendors at Flite Fest '16

    Hey everyone, Was wondering if anyone knows what vendors are going to be at Flite Fest. I have really wanted to buy a Carbon Z Cub and I was wondering if Horizon Hobby would be there so I could buy one. I would buy one now but can't bring it with me on a plane! Thanks!
  3. Liam B

    What Motor Should I Use?

    Hello! I am currently working on a scratchbuilt 195% Bushwacker/Carbon Z Cub with an 85in wingspan. I'm having trouble figuring out what motor I should put in it. I know I should probably put the E Flite motor that is in the standard Carbon Z Cub, but I dont want to spend $85 on it. I'm looking...
  4. RickC

    carbon z cub from jetski

    First day flying my CZC on floats, oh yeah i'm on the back of the jetski