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castle creations

  1. Konrad

    Castle Creations Exemplary Customer Service (Tech Support!)

    For lack of a better place I'll post this here. BTW I love their ESC governor mode, so this applies to their use in heli's and control line models. I’d like to give a shout-out in praise of Castle Creations for exemplary customer service. Unlike most firms today that think customer...
  2. M

    Castle Creations 35amp esc no power on

    Hi Guys, have a quick question. Recently i installed 4 Castle Creations 35amp esc on my quad. The problem i'm having is getting 3 of them to power on. 3 are non bec and 1 is. The one that has a bec powers on fine and spins the motor no problem, i also use this one in the number 1 position on...