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Castle Creations Exemplary Customer Service (Tech Support!)


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For lack of a better place I'll post this here. BTW I love their ESC governor mode, so this applies to their use in heli's and control line models.

I’d like to give a shout-out in praise of Castle Creations for exemplary customer service. Unlike most firms today that think customer service is just fast turnaround time (how fast they can empty your Pay Pal account). Castle Creations knows that true customer service is based heavily on accurate technical service.

For example I had an issue with an obsolete (no longer made) Castle Creations Phoenix ICE 2 HV80. I gave Castle Creations a call expecting to be on hold for 1/2 an hour but got through in less than a minute. I honestly expected to hear that the ESC I have would not do what I wanted. And that the tech would try to sell me on the latest and greatest model of ESC. But much to my surprise Thomas (the tech rep) knew the Castle Creations product line, even the older stuff, in great detail. After about 3 simple questions Thomas had narrowed in on the root cause of my issue. He did not say I had screwed up and burned up the ESC. Rather he figured out that I was exceeding the electrical RPM limit of the ESC. Much to my surprise (it should have been a surprise for a technical firm) he knew how to perform the math to figure out exactly what parameters I was running with my power system. Rather than saying I needed the latest and greatest ESC, he said that there was a firmware upgrade for my obsolete Castle Creations Phoenix ICE 2 HV80.

This was after he stopped laughing that I was using an outrunner in a performance EDF application. I have to agree with him that the outrunner really is a poor choice for EDF application. I was impressed that Thomas tried to give guidance for my power system. This showed me that Castle Creation (Thomas) not only wanted their product to perform to their customer’s (mine) expectation, but that they wanted to make sure I was aware of the pitfalls they had learned with what I was trying to do with my outrunner EDF (any) power system.

While Castle Creations does mention that there is an “Electrical RPM Limit” it is buried deep in the FAQ’s. I’d like to see Castle Creations put this in the spec sheet on their sales page. While I was aware that all ESC have this limit. I had forgotten to look into this limit as I was in the middle of the ESC’s approved voltage and was using a sport motor. What I had over looked was that the outrunner by design is a high pole count motor. (This is why they appear to offer so much torque.) And that it is the number of poles per minute not the actual shaft RPM that defines the electrical rpm limit.

Again I owe a huge thanks to Castle Creations for having a technical staff (Thomas) that actually knows the product and its application on its pay roll. As a wise man once said quality pays it does not cost! When dealing with Castle Creation this is so true, be it with before and after sales support.

All the best,
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