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    Paper Airplane Challenge

    I've seen a lot of RC Paper airplane look a likes for the Dart/Delta style paper airplanes but I haven't seen seen many other paper airplanes implemented. I've been working on a design and through it would be fun to challenge the community and see what others come up with. Rules: Build a...
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    Challange - Planes: Fire & Rescue

    Hello all, I am a big fan of your stuff. I have my PPL and the price of flying is so high I have to find my fix another way. Needless to say flying is my mistress (my wife understands). Anyways, I saw you segment on Disney's Planes and it gave me an idea for a challenge for both fixed wing and...
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    Tolite Paper Challenge Sugestion

    I have a challenge suggestion. Take one of you scratch build planes and attach tolite paper to it so it can flow out. Then use this to teepee something.
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    Osprey build challenge!

    Hello Flitetest and Hobbyist, I would really like to see an osprey being built in the flite test workshop with the movable moters and bomb bay (Just look it up on the web to see what i mean). PS I found this guy on youtube that might help you get started...
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    Pusher EDF on a Tricopter

    Hi, If it is possible I would very much like You to accept a challange to give a tricopter an EDF strapped underneath to push it forward. What do You think, is it possible?