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channel mixing

  1. cloudseeder

    Need Tx advice for new plane

    so, I decided to go with a P-51 as my second plane (I think starting with a umx radian prompted the urge for overkill). I know it’s likely I’ll destroy it, so I went on banggood and got a cheap RTF Volantex make. Now that i’ve unboxed, I see it even comes with a toy-looking transmitter (pics of...
  2. C

    Transmiter Channel Mixing

    Ok, so when I bought the Axe 100, it came with a TX610 2.4ghz SLT transmitter and I was wondering if anyone out with a TX610 know how to channel mix, because I have an Eraze flying wing and would like to use my Tx610 because the one it came with just feels like crap. I'm at a loss for channel...