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Transmiter Channel Mixing

Ok, so when I bought the Axe 100, it came with a TX610 2.4ghz SLT transmitter and I was wondering if anyone out with a TX610 know how to channel mix, because I have an Eraze flying wing and would like to use my Tx610 because the one it came with just feels like crap.

I'm at a loss for channel mixing, even though I can fly the Axe100 well on this transmitter.

Thanks in advance,
I would have if I knew what that was when I read the manual. Lol, I only try to ask stupid questions like this when I honestly can't find a single thing on it. I just didn't know what that was. Thanks, mate.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Lol anytime. I've had my share of questions and there's more where those came from. It's only dumb if you don't ask. You might want to watch the flitetest video on elevon mixing. It's not with your radio but the concepts are the same.
I had actually found that video and tried to understand and translate to the Tx610, but it was just too different for me to figure out. The manual helped out with mixing and should work right, but i haven't been able to test it. I'll probably post some pics of the fix up and flying later for the Eraze.