1. BS projects inc.

    James May sets a radio controlled glider record!

  2. LAZY J

    LAZY J's super simple simple Storch build "THE BUDGIE"

    Hi all! Thought I would share my recently completed build of a 3 channel modification based on the FT Simple Storch - this one has come about due to the need of something nice and simple to introduce my 10 year old nephew to the art of aeromodelling. The general goal here was a simple three...
  3. H

    Help with my hovercraft build

    Hey guys I need some help with my hovercraft that I'm making. It's very similar to the one shown on Flitetest a few weeks ago. I'm trying to attach my forward thrust motor to my elevator channel. Everytime I try, it just cycles through the arming process over and over again. I tried changing...
  4. JamesWhom

    Share Your Youtube Channels

    I thought I would start a thread to help self promote peoples own youtube channels. If there is a thread about this already, I do apologise. Starting a Youtube channel is hard at first, so this may help people get a bit of a kick start. :) Here is mine...
  5. A

    One channel plane

    I challenge anyone to make a one channel plane, where you use a single motor that controls speed, elevation, and direction. Use a big prop.