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  1. H

    Help with my hovercraft build

    Hey guys I need some help with my hovercraft that I'm making. It's very similar to the one shown on Flitetest a few weeks ago. I'm trying to attach my forward thrust motor to my elevator channel. Everytime I try, it just cycles through the arming process over and over again. I tried changing...
  2. JamesWhom

    Share Your Youtube Channels

    I thought I would start a thread to help self promote peoples own youtube channels. If there is a thread about this already, I do apologise. Starting a Youtube channel is hard at first, so this may help people get a bit of a kick start. :) Here is mine...
  3. A

    One channel plane

    I challenge anyone to make a one channel plane, where you use a single motor that controls speed, elevation, and direction. Use a big prop.