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  1. R

    The lines of nature | FPV freestyle | CINEMATIC | nature edit | time lapse

    I haven't post here in a while, that's because I don't want to spam all of my video's... But I'm kinda proud at this video! Let me know what you think of it!
  2. R

    Autumn fog AERIAL CINEMATIC freestyle

    Last week i received my new HD camera! I decided to test it out at this beautiful place! Can you guess what type of camera I was using? ;)
  3. R

    Cinematic forest freestyle

    I love flying in the woods. This is such a peaceful place to be. Last week I went back to this forest and I almost forgot how beautiful this place really is. So I will be spending more time here once again.
  4. Croom

    Aerial Cinematic Practice - Awesome Shots on Mountain

    Some Practice filming Cinematic Aerial shots. I got some pretty cool footage.