1. BlueK

    Destination Unknown

    The weather throughout the week was just catastrophic, only rain and clouds and hardly any sun, but we decided to fly with our FPV Race Drones anyway because there is no bad weather just the wrong equipment.
  2. N

    13 Inch props on FY680

    Hi Guys, Thought I'd share something about my relatively large Tarot fy680 Hex. The specs say that the largest prop size is 12 inch however since I upgraded the motors to some 700kv pancake and run 4s I figured I'd order some "cheap" 13 inch props from helipal. They arrived and I fitted them...
  3. D

    Flying My Quad Above the Clouds!

    Precautions were taken into consideration before flying my phantom above the clouds. I am a student pilot. I understand the risk of airspace. I know that the minimum altitude you can fly over our area is 1,000ft agl. Even if someone was flying rural aeria hights (500ft agl) I wouldnt have been...
  4. S

    Latest FPV to the clouds