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community build

  1. wilmracer

    Flite Fest 2022 Community Challenge – WWI “Dawn Patrol”

    Build, Share, and FLY with us! The Flite Test community has a long history of “organic” events that have started here on the forums, sometimes from just one member’s crazy idea, and then grown to culminate as an exciting event at the next Flite Fest. While there have been MANY more there are a...
  2. Sammy

    FliteFest 2016, community build suggestion

    I just read this article on Gizmag about the Joby S2 VTOL: http://www.gizmag.com/joby-s2-tilt-rotor-vtol-multirotor-aircraft-concept/40662/. This might be a nice community build project for Peter for the upcoming FliteFest. 16 (!) (av)rotors ánd VTOL, if that's not right up his alley I don't...
  3. HilldaFlyer

    Community Build F/A-18 Super Hornet 2B the FT-18 when completed

    Hello all FT Scratch Builders. I would like to start this thread to complete a community build of the F/A-18 Super Hornet. There are lots of foamy designs out there, but I would like to have one for FT. The goals of this build will be Use simple build designs familiar to FT for beginner...
  4. Rc high flyer

    Community design trainer

    Hi so i started designing a 3ch plane that I can hand it to a pilot with no experience. My insperation come from a cessna so I would like it to look like a cessna. I have made a prototype that has not flown successfuly yet be cause of a major cg problem that I have fixed. It has a 5 foot wing...