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control board

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    Control Boards: What control boards do you use?

    I'm new to the hobby and I've looked at the 3DR Pixhawk, kk2 and the Openpilot. The KK2 looks like a cheap easy option that I'll probably get for my first multirotor but when looking at autopilot systems I'm caught up between the OpenPiot Revolution and the Pixhawk. I want to get a Blackout H...
  2. J

    Ardupilot Mega vs MultiWii vs (?)

    What's up FT forum! I've had an account on the regular website for a while, and while I lurk the forums often, I'm posting my first question today! Right now, I have a David Windestål style Tricopter, running on a KK2.0 board with the 1.4 software, and while I can fly it confidently, the board...