1. G

    Help! Hi and HELP please

    Well, I am finally online with you all. I volunteered at FlietFest2021 and will be back this year. I hope to maiden my brand new FT Tiny Trainer with my new RadioMaster TX16s, BUT I have a small problem. My transmitter came with the TBS CROSSFIRE MICRO TX V2 STARTER SET which includes three...
  2. GiantAntCowboy

    First Mountain Test Flight!

    Hey guys, for a while I've been building, testing and tuning with the goal of improving my TX signal and VTX range. Finally I felt confident enough with the setup to attempt exploring the mountain behind my house. It's not the most amazing run, but excited with the accomplishment and wanted...
  3. DutchRC

    Jumper T12 (plus) Multi Protocol Transmitter - Review

    Hi there guys, Another radio? What do I need another radio for huh? Well to be honnest I definately don't NEED an extra radio, but I do like flying toy-grade quads around (indoors). Those quads usually come with pretty nasty radio's, so to upgrade that experience I opted for this new Jumper T12...
  4. mactac

    I'm giving away a complete TBS Crossfire setup

    As away to both give back to the community and possibly pick up a few new subscribers at the same time, I'm giving away a crossfire Micro setup. Details in the vid: (I'm not a commercial entity, I don't make money from quads, even my Youtube channel isn't monetized)
  5. BlueK

    long/midrange quadcopter mountain diving

    did the last couple of weeks a lot of long or better midrange flying here in the alps and i like it! so maybe this video belongs here too :cool: have fun and fly save
  6. X

    Questions About Spektrum and Crossfire

    Hey guys, so I'm looking into getting a new radio right now and something I really want is crossfire for my mini quads. As of right now, I'm flying on a DX6 and its been my baby for 2 years now. However, its time to upgrade and move on. Part of me wants to stick with Spektrum because I love the...