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  1. DutchRC

    Jumper T12 (plus) Multi Protocol Transmitter - Review

    Hi there guys, Another radio? What do I need another radio for huh? Well to be honnest I definately don't NEED an extra radio, but I do like flying toy-grade quads around (indoors). Those quads usually come with pretty nasty radio's, so to upgrade that experience I opted for this new Jumper T12...
  2. mactac

    I'm giving away a complete TBS Crossfire setup

    As away to both give back to the community and possibly pick up a few new subscribers at the same time, I'm giving away a crossfire Micro setup. Details in the vid: (I'm not a commercial entity, I don't make money from quads, even my Youtube channel isn't monetized)
  3. BlueK

    long/midrange quadcopter mountain diving

    did the last couple of weeks a lot of long or better midrange flying here in the alps and i like it! so maybe this video belongs here too :cool: have fun and fly save
  4. X

    Questions About Spektrum and Crossfire

    Hey guys, so I'm looking into getting a new radio right now and something I really want is crossfire for my mini quads. As of right now, I'm flying on a DX6 and its been my baby for 2 years now. However, its time to upgrade and move on. Part of me wants to stick with Spektrum because I love the...