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  1. CustomRCMods

    The OFFICIAL CustomRCMods Fleet Record and RC Journey Thread

    Hey guys, Been meaning to make a thread like this for a while now, Ive been running out of space in my signature for my full fleet, so I thought I would make this thread and keep it up to date with my entire RC Fleet, and also post about my journey along the way. This is in no way an attempt...
  2. CustomRCMods

    Listen to what your plane is trying to tell you!! (ESC Fire)

    Was recently flying my FT Mini Vector, (running a SunnySky 2207s 2100kv paired with a 6x4.5x3 prop). The ESC was a ZTW 30a, usually plenty for most any park flyer in terms of amperage capacity. I noticed multiple throttle cutouts in my first pack, but thought nothing of them and let the...
  3. CustomRCMods

    Plane CustomRCMods Concorde 70mm EDF Jet 2.0

    The CustomRCMods Concorde is an EDF Jet that builds easy with 4 sheets of DTFB, and flies like a dream. It utilizes a single, fuselage-mounted 70mm edf unit to provide amazing power and simplify the electronics setup onboard, as well as lower the cost. This plane is 75 inches long, and 30 inches...
  4. CustomRCMods

    CustomRCMods YouTube Channel - New Videos Daily

    Hey All, Just wanted to give a shameless plug for my YouTube Channel, CustomRCMods. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsoNpEbDwGT0mBoECt1ny8Q/featured I started this channel back when I drove RC cars primarily, and I would show modifications you could do to fix/improve your RC vehicles...