CustomRCMods Concorde 70mm EDF Jet

Plane CustomRCMods Concorde 70mm EDF Jet 2.0

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The CustomRCMods Concorde is an EDF Jet that builds easy with 4 sheets of DTFB, and flies like a dream. It utilizes a single, fuselage-mounted 70mm edf unit to provide amazing power and simplify the electronics setup onboard, as well as lower the cost. This plane is 75 inches long, and 30 inches wide, so It flies slow and gracefully, and has a large presence in the air. Could easily be an excellent first edf, and is a very approachable aircraft overall.

(See the first page of the plans for Electronics Specs)

Flight Video:

Build Video:

Also, check out the design/build journey on the build thread:
CRC Concorde Design/Build Thread

Thanks to everyone who made this plane possible, couldn’t have done it without the support of all of you on the forums. Please share your builds with me and be sure to ask questions if you have them!
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Built went nicely, mine was/is severely underpowered (only got it in the air once out of 6 launches)... what size motor is in your edf?
Im running 70mm (2600kv motor maybe), had ample power. Interesting, you may want to step it up to 6s, or get more blades on your edf