1. Scotto

    Circle Slicer 6000

    Are you a scratch builder that hates cutting wheels? Have you been looking all over your workbench for rolls of tape or cups or anything the right diameter to use for a guide? Have you used a dull hole saw on foamboard? Well suffer no more! Billy Mayes here with a fabulous new miracle tool! The...
  2. makersam

    Issues Converting for Laser Cutting

    Hi everybody :) I have been lurking in the background of this site for a while and finally got around to actually joining up with forum. Funny that I have time to build/fly planes, but never seemed to get around to getting on here lol I worked in a Maker space a little while back and have...
  3. FoamieNinja

    The Striker Platform:

    Hey guys, I decided to follow through with the tradition of making a first post about my striker platform... I wrote an article, but for some reason, it's still waiting to be approved... ---------------------- ( Quick notice: This post may be excessively long, as I have a large amount of...