dark star

  1. L Edge

    DARK STAR DOES MACH 11.2 (RC maiden flight)

    I dressed up Dark Star by putting on a pilot's window and stars on rudder and off I went to the soccer field. Field is about 450 x450 and extra 100 ft added in parking lot. Video shows takeoff(about 30`) and climbs over guard rail (trim is perfect) and climbs nicely hands off. Notice the...
  2. L Edge

    Off to build a SR-72 Dark Star using 64mmEDF's

    Not only trying 64 EDF's, but going to use Readi-board in the process. Took a lot of planning since it has to not only look something like a Dark Star, but can handle the G forces as well as being stable . The worst thing I'm hoping it will end up is with wrinkles, just like we do. Built a...
  3. B

    Need help with finding CG

    So i have been working with a friends and we designed a SR-72 (Dark Star). We are in final stages getting ready for flight. We need to find CG. How can we get this? There are no real life scale specs on the plan yet since it still is in production and should be done around 2025-2030. Which makes...