DARK STAR DOES MACH 11.2 (RC maiden flight)

L Edge

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I dressed up Dark Star by putting on a pilot's window and stars on rudder and off I went to the soccer field. Field is about 450 x450 and extra 100 ft added in parking lot.

Video shows takeoff(about 30`) and climbs over guard rail (trim is perfect) and climbs nicely hands off. Notice the camera is shaking as I walk towards guard rail as Dark Star went thru Mach 1, then Mach two, 3, thru Mach11and backed off throttle into cruise. Left turns were spot on and the right turn needs some minor thrust differential. Rolled it over close to 90 degrees turns and it tracks right on. Field is way to small to open it up. Landing, all I did was line it up and reduce throttle (trees are way to high) and it flew itself down except I started to run out of room and actually had to nose in and bounce(tore off nose gear) and was 12 ft short of hitting shack!!! Very stable. Notice I turned on the stealth when I got close to the clouds.
Now I can add Dark Star to my list of EDF's such as X-47B, SR-71, F-117, and my favorite the Warthog A-10.

Next video will be at a flying field if I can get it off from the grass.

I asked a guy not to walk on the soccer field(safety) while I maiden the plane and thanked him in the end.
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