1. flitetest

    Decal Flite Test Master Series F-18 Super Hornet Decal Placement Sheets 1.0

    F-18 Super Hornet Decal Placement Sheets Design By: Stephen Rosema Instructions to assist you with the decal placement for all the SkyFX variants of the Flite Test Master Series F-18 Super Hornet, including... Dambusters Jolly Rogers Shadowhawks Tomcatters
  2. OlliePackman

    Help! Edge decals

    Does anybody know where to get the Red Bull decals for my FT Edge 540 like the one used in the flite test video.
  3. B

    make simple and cheap quality skins decals for your rc planes with woodglue

    Hello all I would like to show this trick, if your create a decals or skin. I always see them hard to do with spray glue. i always use woodglue. made a video, hopefully it will help you all. :D Greet BlacklineVW
  4. H

    New Brit signing in here, looking into doing some Decal work!

    Heya, thanks for clicking! I've been interested with aviation and artsy stuff since a very early age, and still at the age of 21 this enjoyment is still going strong! Want to start off by saying a big thanks to the whole FT team both past, present, and future. You guys got me back into this...
  5. JimCR120

    Inkscape - Making Drawings and Skins

    Greetings Forum Community, I am starting a thread about Inkscape as a place where we can share information and use it as a reference in using the application. Inkscape is a free application available for Mac, Windows, & Linux users that appears to be an excellent option for making drawings...
  6. N

    Decals FT-Viggen

    Hi. I tried to download the decals to Viggen, but the link does not seem to work. Niklas
  7. H

    Design own decals

    I tried finding a suitable sub-forum for this, and I figured this is the best place to post this question. I'm looking at painting my FT Simple Storch in scale-friendly colors, specifically this: