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  1. nhk750

    Storch with no dihedral?

    I am in the middle of scratch building my wing and I noticed I did not have a gap in between the two halves like Josh mentions in the video for Dihedral angle. I am going to attempt to flex the wing without the gap and see what happens. But, what if it was built with no dihedral? Would it skid...
  2. S

    Dihedral on FT Old Fogey

    Hey y'all,I'm wondering if I could use dihedral instead of olyhedral on the Old Fogey.Would it have much difference? Thanks in advance!

    3D printed quad build with new EMax polymer motors

    So hobbyking started selling some new EMax polymer motors that were so inexpensive I had to give them a try. In order to get the most performance out of these motors as possible I decided to design the smallest, lightest quad I could. I included 10 degrees of dihedral since that's a new trend...
  4. B

    Frankenstein simple soarer

    first off, greetings ladies & gents, nice ta meet-cha. second this isnt so much a whole simple soarer i'm going to be trying to build here. i'm looking for deader than dead simple cause i want this to be the plane i care the least about, teach relatives how to fly a little maybe or just tow it...