dji phantom

  1. A

    FT MINI GUINEA PIG Cloudy Day Flying with DJI Phantom and Racing Drone

    Cloudy day flight with our ft mini guinea pig! Hope You Enjoy!
  2. A

    Cinematic phantom 3 standard video attempt

    Quick attempt at a cinematic ish video with my phantom 3 standard. Hope you enjoy! any tips for getting better video would be much appreciated (im very new to the whole aerial cinematography thing)
  3. A

    DJI Phantom 3 standard and mini quad flying

    Just thought Id share this video of some mini quad and dji phantom 3 standard flying that we made whilst it was too windy for any plane flying or at least it was too windy for me to fly a plane in! Hope you enjoy it! my mini quad setup can be found in the video description on YouTube.
  4. A

    Best FPV moments!

    Please post your best FPV Moments in this thread! Here are my best fpv moments. Hope you enjoy! This video was filmed mainly using a turnigy action camera. The aircraft used in this video for anyone that's intrested where an FT Versa wing, FT Explorer, Diatone 250 FPV racer, DJI phantom FC40...
  5. Croom

    4th of July Fireworks by Drone

    GIMBAL STABILIZED A Drone's Eye view of the Agoura High school fireworks show. Sorry for the quality of the video, the Phantom's camera does not adjust well to low light. Surprisingly, there were 6 TOTAL Phantoms filming the event, all at different altitudes and positions. This is probably the...
  6. Croom

    Quad Formation Flying

    Practicing Formation Flying with a friend. Not the best at it yet, also considering the breeze and temperature. Enjoy!
  7. FlyingMachinesAustralia Authorized Australian Distributor of DJI

    Hello everyone! I have recently opened and I aim to provide the best prices and customer service to anyone who is interested in getting into the Aerial Photography/ videography scene in Australia. The business is continually expanding and adding new products...
  8. B

    My Best flight to date! Quadcopter Beach flight.

    My best video of my flight at a beach in the gulf of Mexico. The camera I used was a Gopro Hero3 silver. Please tell me what you guys think!
  9. jamesomega

    My short DJI Phantom contest video

    Here's some edited down clips from my Phantom for the DJI video contest they're putting on right now. I flew it completely stock on a GoPro Hero3 Black. No FPV or Gimbal, or dynamically balanced props, just After Effects stabilized with some color correction. I'm thinking about throwing my...