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Cinematic phantom 3 standard video attempt

Quick attempt at a cinematic ish video with my phantom 3 standard.
Hope you enjoy! any tips for getting better video would be much appreciated (im very new to the whole aerial cinematography thing)
Nice looking video! The only thing i would say is slow down your horizontal pans...the yaw on these phantoms are pretty smooth if you just slow it down a bit. going to quick is distracting and hard on the eyes. otherwise...great job!
Here is another phantom 3 video I made
hope you enjoy (sorry for the poor weather conditions it winter here In Britain so there's very little sunshine:( )


Wake up! Time to fly!
Practice makes perfect bud keep at it. You are finding great content just need to work on aerial filming smoothness a touch more. Maybe you will snag a job for FT soon and be like an over seas correspondent.