dollar tree foam board


    Mini Boeing 747 made from a tiny whoop!

    So recently I have been really into mini projects with tiny whoops. I recently built a mini RC paper airplane using a mini cheerson drone, and since then multiple aircraft using only two motors using differential with a fixed elevator. Examples of this would be flite tests video of making a mini...
  2. ofiesens2

    DTFB Spray Painting techniques

    This is probably in the wrong category. Oh well. My apologies. I have a plane designed by @RCSpaceFlight (can you tag people like on Twitter?) and I used it for my science fair project, which was: Which type of airfoil generates more lift: a KFm airfoil or a conventional airfoil? I ended up...
  3. ofiesens2

    Dollar Tree Foam Board Waterproofing

    I watched the Flite Test Snowball episode and wondered why DTFB is not water resistant. My question is, is it the paper backing that doesn't like the water, or is it the actual foam, or both?
  4. S

    Dollar Tree foam Substitute?

    Hello, I live in Norway and can't get hold on Dollar tree foam boards. Would kapaline boards work? Their like foam covered with paper I think. Any other suggestions?