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dollar tree

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    US\UK foamboard comparison (now with added maths!)

    Hi All, There seems to be some debate on here over the Hobbycraft foam board available in the UK and how much heavier it seems to be than the stuff the yanks get. I brought a few sheets from Hobbycraft on Friday after watching a few scratch build based videos at work but before I signed up...
  2. M

    Teaser...F-16 3D Profile Foamie

    I've been working on the design of a foamie F-16 off and on for over a year. I have built 4 prototypes so far. The first one was weak in the nose so I didn't pursue that design further. The second I built was very strong but got borked in the shipping container when I was moving. The third...
  3. H

    Polyhedral on DT Foamboard wing?

    Hello. I recently built Ed's Axon from ExperimentalAirlines (Axon video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKh1gjmTKvw) out of Dollar Tree foamboard and it was my first plane so I crashed it and bashed it a few times and now I am working on repairing it and modifying it to my liking. One thing I...