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  1. O

    multiple bomb drop mechanism with 4 different servos

    Hi everyone I have to build a drop mechanism which will be operated by 4 different servos individually. I would like to operate these servos alternately by using one aux switch on my turnigy 9x. Is there a possible way to operate 4 servos one by one from a single switch? By the way I am going to...
  2. F

    Package drop HELP

    I am looking to drop a small 250g package from a plane that can be purchased through the FT store. It will be dropped by a servo and rubber band combination. I need help with picking a plane from the FT store, it needs to be able to carry the small package and preferably be a thrown take off...
  3. jaskoller

    Very Quick probably easy tricopter Bombdrop question

    I'd like to add a bomb drop to my Tricopter to release parachute guys for the kids. In order to hook up the servo can I just connect that to my receiver? I'm just making sure there is enough voltage from the receiver to power a servo since my receiver is powered by my KK2.1.5 board. Or is...
  4. L

    water grave

    I've just lost my second UAV to Lake Erie. What's going on?!? It has a bit of history as a ship graveyard, but I haven't heard any Bermuda Triangle like stories along the lines of what I'm experiencing. First time I took a DJI hex up and got it about 50 yards over the water and it started...
  5. gurcsik

    Parachute idea with a twist

    I really like the idea of the simple bomb drop mechanism to carry a variety of things but what about this: Has anyone tried attaching a larger parachute to the tail of the plane itself? I think it would be hilarious if you were in midflight or a stall and when you flipped a switch, you would...