1. P

    DTF (almost) foamboard in the UK

    After buying loads of foamboard from various companies in the UK, trying to find one that is as light as DTF and has a paper surface that peels like DTF, and is relatively cheap, I have to admit, I've failed. However, the last box I bought is the closest so far. It is lighter than most, the...
  2. Maingear


    I started this a few weeks ago. It took two sheet of Adams Board (DTF). I have the radio set up on elevons with the center section acting as dedicated elevator. Thinking about a rudder that deflects out only, probably will never need it. Still trying to figure out how to mount the motor...
  3. Fbords

    Question about Minwaxing

    I've been looking at the videos on how to seal foam board with Minwax, and would like to do it to my FT3D and upcoming builds, but have a few questions I don't see answers to. Ideally, it seems to make more sense to keep the foam whole while applying (as in the FT video) to ensure i don't miss...