1. S

    Spektrum DX5e binding troubble

    Im looking at getting a Walkera Rodeo 150 and already have a Spektrum DX5e transmitter. In order to save a few bucks im looking at getting the bind and fly model but dont know if it will bind with the transmitter. The receiver on the Rodeo 150 is a DEVO-RX716, and the DX5e is 5 channel 2.4ghz...
  2. iCrash

    Wanted: Spektrum Full Range Tx for Taranis mod

    I am looking for something like the Spektrum DX5e or anything similar that is full range. I need it for a mod. I am building a module for the Taranis to use DSM2 and DSMX. thanks!
  3. S

    Spektrum DX6i or DX5e?

    Hello, I recently ordered the components to build a FT Flyer (and Delta later on), but I still have to order the transmitter and receiver. I am going to visit a local hobbyshop this weekend, and I was planning to buy the DX6i with an AR400 4 CH receiver. This will cost me about €130. However, I...
  4. T

    Am I getting reasonable range out of my DX5e??

    I am currently flying the e-flite Apprentice S15e RTF which comes with a DX5e. Within the last month or so I decided to convert it so I can fly FPV and that has been going great. I made a range test video (as seen below)... and according to my OSD flew a max distance of 868meters before getting...