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Spektrum DX6i or DX5e?


I recently ordered the components to build a FT Flyer (and Delta later on), but I still have to order the transmitter and receiver. I am going to visit a local hobbyshop this weekend, and I was planning to buy the DX6i with an AR400 4 CH receiver. This will cost me about €130. However, I noticed that they also sell the DX5e with an AR610 6 channel receiver for only €90. Which one should I buy? I am not really planning on building or buying any 6 CH planes in the near future, and if I will I could buy the DX6i or better by then.

Buying the DX5e will save me €40, and it has a better receiver...

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The DX5 -
Has no Model Memory (retrim each time you switch planes)
Has a dual rate function - not programable, one size fits all
Has no Expo programming (actually no programming at all)
Has Trim and Servo Reversing

The 5 is very limiting and you'll kick yourself when you try to use it on a 2nd plane if not sooner.

The next step (the older DX6i) is programmable and does not suffer from the listed DX5 limitations.
The DX6i has been replaced by the newer DX6, but will serve you well.

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I second that. The Dx6(i) will last you a heck of a lot longer than the DX5. I started with a DX5 that my dad gave me. It was great for a starter, but as soon as I got a second plane, it became a nightmare. I had to rebind EVERY time I flew a different plane. Also, rebinding means retrimming.

After that I stepped up to a DX7, which I still have (and probably will for a long time).
I have had 3 DX6i fail on me.

My advice is the DX6 or better yet the DX8. I am absolutely in love with my DX8.

Yes, it's more expensive... but not nearly as expensive as buying a Dx5, then realizing you needed a DX6i, then having it fail and buying a DX8 to replace it.

Ask me how I know.


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You will outgrow the DX5 with your second plane, ask me how i know, or just read above comments. Also not noted in above comments, with the ar400 and dx5 combo you have to use an aileron splitter cable, with the better setup you can seperate the ailerons. This leads to a lot more options for mix and trimming options, expo etc.


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I've had good success with the DX6i as well. Picked mine up used. Started on a DX5e, and as long as you work within its limitations you're ok, but having to retrim everytime you change models gets old fast (and often leads to crashes that would otherwise be completely avoidable).
I have a new Spektrum DX6 which I got in November. I really love it, and haven't had any problems with it so far! I currently own two planes, a Parkzone Radian, and a Parkzone Sport Cub S2, and I fly both of them on my DX6 in DSMX mode. I highly recommend the new Spektrum DX6 if you are looking into a 6 channel transmitter, and want to go with Spektrum. What is so nice about the DX6, is it's only $70.00 more than the Spektrum DX6i. With that extra $70.00 dollars, you get almost all of the features like telemetry, voice alerts, two antennas, Spektrum's AirWare software, LCD backlit screen, adjustable flap speeds, 5 programmable mixes, four bearing gimbals, wireless trainer link, built-in 250 model memory, and many more that you could previously only get with the Spektrum DX9, and DX18 transmitters!
I have the DX6 and DX6i. I would not recommend the DX6 for a beginner. There is a pretty steep learning curve for the DX6 with all the options you have in the programming. Unless you just download a setup file from someone else. That's if you have the same plane. Now that being said it is a great Tx. I'm loving the voice commands. I have been playing with the programming for several different planes this week. I chose the DX6 over the Tarranis thinking it would be easier to program.