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  1. JimCR120

    Which Transmitter You Should Buy...

    Which transmitter should I buy? That is a question often asked and understandably so. This hobby has historically been cost prohibitive for many and the transmitters alone are a large part of the investment. Therefore, some forum members have assembled the most recommended transmitters...
  2. A

    Spektrum DX8 V DX 8 (Gen 2)

    Hello FliteTest Community, I am in a small dilemma when choosing between the Spektrum DX8 (Gen 1) and the Spektrum DX8 (Gen 2), the biggest difference is the price (The Gen 1 is AU$200 and Gen 2 which is Au$400-Au$500). And is it better to get the newer version to "future proof"? Cant wait for...
  3. nickleyw

    Learning to fly: Nano QX and DX8

    Backstory Like many people I know, my first taste of the flying r/c world was a few years back when everyone and their brother was buying mini helicopters to fly around the office during lunch breaks and Friday afternoons. My first was a Syma S107, and it was a blast. A few friends and I took...
  4. Montiey

    DX9 - Bugs, glitches, and other annoyances

    Are the sticks supposed to turn where they meet the gimbal? Knob does not have physical middle bump The only momentary switch is hard to reach, raven harder to use as a trainer switch Post things you have found annoying here!
  5. S

    Took the apprentice and myself out for a test today in the high winds

    Winds were 15-25 mph (per the airport atis) today at the park we fly at. I knew the winds were honking but the field we fly at is 1200'x500', and the winds were running right down the long length of the field. My buddy and I each have an apprentice with the safe system, and I just got a new...