1. countbob

    N00b Intro - Carbon Cub S2/DX8E

    Hi all, Have been flying with a Sport Cub S, then upgraded to the UMX Turbo Timber, and then decided it was time to try something bigger. Am trying to get the Carbon Cub S2 working with my DX8E controller, and I can't seem to get both flaps working AND have SAFE selection work. Anybody have a...
  2. Joe Carpino

    Custom DX8e Aircraft Image?

    Does anyone know if you can upload your own aircraft image to a DX8e? because there are only a few to pic from.
  3. Joe Carpino

    Differential thrust on DX8e? HELP!

    Does anyone out there know how to program differential thrust on a DX8e? I’ve tried several methods but I can’t get it to work and I’m getting really frustrated.