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Differential thrust on DX8e? HELP!

Joe Carpino

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Does anyone out there know how to program differential thrust on a DX8e? I’ve tried several methods but I can’t get it to work and I’m getting really frustrated.


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Send me a copy of the model configuration on your TX, and I will impot it on my TX and have a look at the file.
Page 27 of the manual tells you how to export a model file.


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@chrisvdv I am also having issues here and I was looking at the shots above compared to the dx9 guide which I had been following. It looks like you have an extra "Mix 0" for Thr>Ax1. I tried adding that and it just made Aux1 stay at -100% when I adjusted throttle.

What I see on my DX8e is with the below mix I can raise my throttle to halfway and Aux1 mirrors it. Once I go full throttle, Aux1 stays at halfway. Because I am doing a bronco I am doing Vtail mixing using the built in mix but those don't appear to use Aux1 and instead mix REL and LEL.

My behavior

Throttle Stick -100% > Thr -100%, Aux1 -100% < Good
Throttle Stick 0% > Thr 0%, Aux1 0% < Good
Throttle Stick 100% > Thr 100%, Aux1 0% < Bad

My config that gives strange behavior (attached)

Channel Input Config
Aux1: Throttle

Mix 0
Rate 100%, 0%
Offset 0%

Mix 1
Rate 0%,-100%
Offset 0%



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The really weird thing, I also tried just using the "Channel Assign" setup as well just to verify the motors gave equal thrust. It gives the same behavior

I had thought I had it setup right for differential in Fall when I maidened my bronco but once I throttled up it pulled HARD right and resulted in a crash. That is why I was checking the mixes and noticed that above 50% throttle it just does the wrong thing. It is getting to flying season and I wanted to be ready to give it another shot once my field is no longer flooded.