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  1. Snarls

    Armattan Rooster 6" Build Log

    I don't know about you guys, but when you are in a multirotor club there are some components that just become ubiquitous. For instance, within the past couple months four of our club members, including me, have upgraded to Emax litespec motors. When it comes to frames, the popular choice has...
  2. S

    Eagle Tree Vector Motor Redundancy

    Hi Everyone, This might be a dumb question, but I can't find a positive or negative answer. I'm looking at building a Y6 for AP. Can the Eagle Tree Vector handle a single motor failure on a Y6 configuration? Thanks everyone! Sharde
  3. jmrpb

    Just another Eagle :)

    Finally spring has come and it’s time to fly. :) This is my new eagle, hope you like it. Eagle specifications: Wing span: 1,5 meters Wing chord: 39 cm (at the widest part) Total length: 75 cm V-Tail design: 120º Motor: SunnySky 2212 980 KV Propeller: Folding propeller 11’*6’ Battery: LIPO #3...
  4. Blackbeltrrf

    Scratch building a Bald Eagle

    I thought I would share my scratch build Bald Eagle as I am working on it. I have just completed printing and laminating my plans and just started cutting and assembling. Any suggestions along the way are very welcome. So...here we go. Here are a few views of the fuselage A front view...