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  1. Croom

    Easter bunny? Nope! Easter Drone leaving eggs to hide!

    A small skit I did with my little sister. The easter bunny?! Turns out NOPE! It's really drones that deliver and hide our easter eggs and presents! This explains everything. A little girl wakes up early to see if she can see the easter bunny hiding eggs, she gets a huge surprise when she sees...
  2. M

    egg droping plane-easter

    Please for easter make a plane that drops eggs this would be the best
  3. Montiey

    Easter Special FPV Challenge

    It's about easter, and there is nothing better that a FPV egg hunt! I was thinking that each person would fly around (maybe in a forest or something) and look for eggs. I was going to suggest somehow picking them up and returning them to their basket, but.. blah. So anyway, Yeah!:rolleyes: