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Easter Special FPV Challenge


Master Tinkerer
It's about easter, and there is nothing better that a FPV egg hunt! I was thinking that each person would fly around (maybe in a forest or something) and look for eggs. I was going to suggest somehow picking them up and returning them to their basket, but.. blah. So anyway, Yeah!:rolleyes:


Bought Another Trailer
Staff member
It's a little late to set this up maybe, but… flying quadcopter baskets, with velcro (hook side) eggs, and the bottom of the quadcopter has the matching (loop side) velcro on the bottom. They fly over and land on the eggs to collect them.


Master Tinkerer
The velcro idea got me thinking about something; You could have large lightweight foam spheres and velcro all over them, and you try to pick it up and drop it in a cup or basket on top of the other persons multi rotor. This could be huge fun with tons of people, and colored spheres.. and matching cups! Everyone would have to communicate to figure out if they had a ball that someone needed, or if someone was trying to land a ball on their multi. Horizon indoor 2015! :p


Got Lobstah?
Site Moderator
Velcro sounds ok but thenwhat about releasing? What about the same thing but using magnets and servos to pick up and drop off your payload without direct human intervention


Master Tinkerer
IDEA: bbq skewer rake, eggs on top of poles; pole slips into gap in rake, multi rotor moves up, egg is now in rake basket.
Rake Egg.png

The gray thing is supposed to be a plane...