1. Wrench Monkey

    The "T" tail experiment.

    I had some time this weekend so I went about challenging myself to make a scratch build pusher, with a "T" tail! I've noticed most of the aircraft at my workplace have a "T" tail (usually to accommodate fuselage mounted engines) And it got me curious as to how difficult it would be to use that...
  2. Longtoes

    Wondering about aircraft propeller sizes

    Hi! I'm glad to finally make an account after watching Flite Test for quite a few years. Today I'd like to ask about propeller efficiency and how it correlates with aircraft range. So, from what I've gathered from data, it seems larger props unanimously produce more thrust for a given amount of...
  3. Mid7night

    Plane XF YELLOW JACKET! v4

    Here it is, in all its slender sleekness: The Yellow Jacket! Designed as a successor to the "Angry Bee" and "Turbo Bee" experiments, in the vein of the FT Super Bee: It's a twin-motor ROCKETSHIP! This is the basic power setup, and you can choose to fly on anything from a 3S to 6S, depending...